Here's what I did :)

(Photo by Lea Deloy at Styling Co in Belmar)

I have always changed my wardrobe for fall...I mean, don't we all put away our summer clothing and switch to different clothing colors and styles?

Well, I never thought of doing the same with my hair until now! My incredible hair stylist at Styling Co. in Belmar (Lea) suggested that I try a new look for fall, and of course I told her to go for it!

She added highs and lows with a root shade for a 'bronded' effect. But even if you don't understand 'hair stylist language', here are the photos of what my hair now looks like. It's still got blonde in it, but now with hints/undertones of brown -- sort of a bronze-like mix of blonde and brown!

I am THRILLED with this look. And a HUGE thanks to Matea for the incredible blow out and the curls.

(Photo by Lea Deloy at Styling Co in Belmar)

I guess you could say that Fall is in the hair :)

When's the last time you changed your hair color?

P.S. My son makes fun of my new fall sunglasses, but I think they are totally amazing -- almost paparazzi-proof like the celebrities! Let's see what Lou Russo has to say tomorrow morning on the air...

(Here's how blonde it was before the 'bronde' look I just got. Subtle changes, but I love the updated color!)