Like many things at the Jersey Shore, I'd heard about Mary's Place by the Sea, but never really knew what it was or what they did.

A few hours on Saturday changed all that, and I can't say enough great things about it.

One of the many facets of my job is going to appearances throughout the week, including random charity events.

An e-mail went out asking if anyone was available to emcee a walkathon for Mary's Place by the Sea, I happened to be free, so I signed up.

Now obviously, every charity event we help out with is important, but some just register more emotionally than others. This one really moved me.

Mary's Place by the Sea is based in a house on Broadway in Ocean Grove. It's more than just a house though, it's a refuge for women going through cancer treatment and recovery. It's a place where they can go for a few days to relax, rest, forget about everything they are going through, and enjoy the services of MANY volunteers.

They have access to things from nutritional counseling to spa services to oncological massage and more. It's a place where women can find support during one of the most difficult times in their life.

I met a ton of the volunteers on Saturday, and they are some of the kindest and friendliest people I've ever met. I immediately felt like one of the team, and like I had known them all for years.

The founders, Michele and Maria are really passionate about this charity, and were visibly emotional to see all the support they got during Saturday's Walkathon. There were even some past (and current) guests who obviously love Mary's Place by the Sea.

Their fundraising goal for the Walk was $100,000...when I left on Saturday, they were at around $51,000. They are still taking donations online for the next month or so through their website. I urge you to donate ANYTHING you can, $5, $10, whatever you can afford.

I hope to volunteer myself for Mary's Place, and I'd encourage you all to do the same.

Unfortunately, we all know someone whose life has been affected by cancer. This is one small way to help.