New Jersey is supposed to be one of the most haunted destinations in the country. Either we have the most creative imaginations around or there is something to the strange sightings, experiences and stories.  Gravity Hill is one of those spots you have to see to believe and the story that goes with it only raises the chill factor. In a small New Jersey town, there is actually a road that draws your car against the rules of physics and locals say a ghost is responsible.

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Titusville is a small, community within Hopewell Township in the farming area of Mercer County village overlooking the Delaware River.  Titusville has a spooky secret that locals have known for years.  If you put your vehicle in neutral at the bottom of a gravity hill (just travel down Pleasant Valley Road, for about a mile off the exit from Route 29) your car will actually defy gravity and will roll backward, UPHILL.

There is a ghost story surrounding this spot and it's pretty the story goes, a farmer came home to find his home burning down with his family still inside. People parked their cars and watched but no one helped him no matter how much he begged.  He rushed to save his family, but failed because he could not do it alone. People say that his ghost pushes the cars towards where his home would be, still looking for help.

Don't believe it? See gravity hill in action here:

It is also works with bikes and other rolling objects.  There are similar phenomenons in Franklin Lakes (Ewing Avenue) and closer to us in Jackson (New Prospect Road). Just a disclaimer here, trying this trick yourself may be illegal and can be dangerous. Watch out for traffic, these are active roads.  I'm totally creeped out are you?
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