Here's what this student from Toms River wrote. Can we please find a way to put an end to this overwhelming bullying problem?

This is a message that was sent to us, and I have been given permission to publish everything that you are reading here, in the hopes that drawing more attention to bullying can somehow help save others from enduring this cruel behavior. Here's what this teen writes:

"I currently have autism and it is getting worse year by year for me. I was diagnosed with very high functioning autism July 2007 and I was upset. I know I will never be like anyone in the world that is normal without any mental problems. Once 4th grade hit at elementary school things got worse for me school-wise. I got called many names. Some of them were bad but most were horrible.

I got called SPED, SAB, retard, mental, a slow turd, loser, fa**ot, lonely ass b***. I have been called these names since that day. Currently I am in an extra year of high school and the bullying continues on the bus ride.

I wish I could just be like anyone else -- cool, normal and able to fit in with everyone. I cry myself to sleep some nights because I think and think of what I have been through and my fears of the future with people and myself as a person.

Sorry to write a big letter but I just want people to know Autism is a mental disorder. You should not make fun of them or anyone else who has a disability. A disability does not make you stupid -- you just struggle with things other people don't struggle with. Happy Holidays,

Craig B. Toms River

Craig...I just want you to know that my heart is with you and thank you for reaching out. Praying for you to stay strong and make it through this difficult time.

I am so upset and frustrated that no amount of assemblies in the school system seem to be able to stop the disgrace of the bullying epidemic. Between social media, school bus rides, and other situations both inside of and outside of school, many kids have to endure never-ending pain both in school and out in the world. My heart just breaks for the victims.

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