We've been asking you for a month now to please help spread the word to find Nick Pratico. He was found yesterday. But he didn't make it.

I am doubled-over in pain for the heartache that Mark, Maria, Marysa, and Mark II must be experiencing over the loss of Nick Pratico, beloved son and sibling.

It was with heavy hearts that they shared the news yesterday, and you can read their entire message HERE.

Nick's body was found yesterday in the woods across the street from Mercer County Community College, where he was last seen registering for classes.

(Photo from Find Nick Pratico on Facebook)
(Photo from Find Nick Pratico on Facebook)

The Chaplain at the High School Nick attended says most everyone thought Nick may have run away, so they are in shock that it now looking like Nick died by suicide. There were no outward symptoms that Nick was unhappy, and he had so much to look forward to in NYC with a scholarship to a performing arts school, so his death is making no sense to those that knew him. For more details about Nick's death, CLICK HERE.




Such a beautiful boy. My heart weeps for his family and friends.In the near future I will be learning from experts and sharing with you how we can become aware of and try to save teens who are struggling with stress, depression, peer pressure, etc., including signs you may not think to look for.

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