Due to an awful mistake and every pet owner's worst nightmare, a family is missing their Parakeet.

An Eatontown woman named Judy was temporarily boarding her Parakeet named Phyllis at Angel's Bird Jungle in Shrewsbury while she moved. But because of a miscommunication, her Parakeet was accidentally adopted out to another family a week ago.

The Bird Jungle's website says they weren't able to renew their lease. Before closing their doors, the business had been offering deep discounts for people who would buy the birds they still had in stock.

Judy is pleading for your help to get back her family's Parakeet. Judy, her parents, and her three brothers love her so much. AND, the missing Parakeet's sister, Snowy, a Cockatiel, misses and loves Phyllis, her bird 'sister', so much, too. The two birds had never before been separated.

So far, all that Judy has been able to find out is that Bird Jungle adopted her Parakeet out  to a dad who got the bird for his daughter for her birthday.

So if anyone knows of a girl who got a parakeet from the Bird Jungle in Shrewsbury from her dad for her birthday, the original owners are BEGGING to get her back. Phyllis (pictured here) is an older bird (9 years old) and is very timid. She is lovable but doesn't like to be held.

Judy says if they get their bird back, they will gladly buy a brand new baby Parakeet for the girl who accidentally got Phyllis. In fact, Mike from Mike's Pet Center in Neptune is aware of the predicament and has new baby Parakeets and Cockatiels coming in this week.

Judy says it is so much better when a new bird owner can bond with a young bird to train, love, and build trust with. So please share this story and help Judy and her family get their bird back. In return, they will gladly give the other girl a brand new baby bird to bond with!!!

If anyone who worked at Bird Jungle has more info, maybe they can help even though the store has closed. I tried sending a message to the email listed on the website contact info but it came back 'undeliverable.'

If you have any info, please contact Judy at libertychavez@aol.com.


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