One of the things I dislike most about politicians is their dishonesty when it comes to answering questions because they don’t want to alienate those who they feel represent the majority of their supporters.  Take for example the issue of additional unemployment benefits which business owners believe is the main reason why they can’t find workers to fill mostly unskilled positions.  This is magnified in the shore area because of the impact is has on tourism during the summer months.

Basically even though summer has arrived just about everyone is still looking for help and they’ve tried just about everything from raising hourly wages to providing perks and bonuses.  There are obviously several reasons for the declining work force but not acknowledging the extra $300 a week being given out in New Jersey is one of them is an insult. That’s been the stand of Governor Murphy who could have done what other states have in halting the additional money but will not and it will continue until September 4…right as the busy summer season comes to an end.

In New Jersey the maximum weekly unemployment benefit is $713 and if you add the $300 that’s over a $1000 a week NOT to work.  Of course those getting the higher amount earned more and certainly are more likely to have had white-collar jobs so for them working in a restaurant or other service industry might not make sense.  But even if you are getting $500 a week in benefits the extra $300 gives you $800 a week which is $20 an hour for a 40-hour work week.  Why work when you can stay home?

Murphy continues to list other factors while ignoring businesses that are desperate for help.  Why…well he’s up for re-election in November and maybe just maybe this factors in his decision.  You can be the judge.

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