If you get itchy and weird when anyone starts talking about bugs, this might not be the best of news for you. Bug haters, we introduce you to three bugs you might not know call New Jersey home.

Get your bug spray and back scratcher ready, and get set to meet some creepy crawlers that are living among us. They are enjoying the Jersey Shore life just like then rest of us. Take a minute to say hello to these little buddies.

The Acrobat Ant. The name is enough to make you put up a For Sale sign. Do they jump, spin and do somersaults? They don't do all that, but they can lift their abdomen above their rest of their bodies, and that's pretty acrobatic They generally won't hurt you, but they will bite if provoked.

Camel Crickets. Just the name sends a chill up your spine, but wait until you see them. They are like prehistoric little beasts that came straight out of the latest sci-fi movie to ruin your very existence. They don't hurt you physically, but mentally you may never be the same again.

Jumping Spider. Spiders are bad. Jumping spiders are even worse, and the name says it all. And technically they are venomous, but they don't want to bite you and it's pretty rare to have it happen, according to Arrow NJ.

I have had my personal experiences with the camel cricket, or the spider cricket or a few other names I've heard them called. They are nasty, and by the way they jump in random directions, included but not limited to, directly out you.

And now we live in the land of the cicadas. Will it never end?

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