Your mouth is going to water when you hear what's in this one.

The good folks at Chipotle are sharing Miley Cyrus' burrito order with you! Delish says it's called the "Guac is Extra, But So is Miley" burrito (very perfectly named), and it's filled with "guac, white rice, black beans, fajita veggies, roasted chili-corn salsa, tomatillo-red chili salsa, and romaine lettuce" which actually sounds like my order, in case you were wondering (you weren't).

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If you're wondering "how did Miley get her own burrito?" It's a funny story actually. The fast-food chain posted a video with the burrito to its TikTok account, with the text "If Miley Cyrus comments, we'll make a Miley burrito in our app," and sure enough she did - so they made a Miley burrito. Delish explains that this comes from a bigger story called the "If Miley Cyrus comments, I'll do something" challenge. Check out the video below:

Delish says you can only get the burritos for a limited time, and they must be ordered online or on the app. I took a look at the Toms River Chipotle site, and sure enough, it's there when you scroll down to the "featured" portion of the menu, along with other celebrity-inspired burritos like the Dobrik Burrito (he's a YouTuber). That's pretty cool!

Will you be trying a Miley Cyrus burrito? I will!

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