Researchers put together a list of all the ways we get taxed in the Garden State and then added them up to come up with the average state tax bill each person in the Garden State faces.

We're not talking about the IRS and federal government here. We're just talking about the taxes that get collected by the state.

The list of ways we get taxed is really unbelievable. There's alcoholic beverage sales tax, general sales tax, property taxes, tobacco sales taxes, death and gift taxes, property taxes, fuel sales taxes, and that's just a partial list.

So, when GoBankingRates added up all the taxes we face in the Garden State, the average bill for a New Jersey resident was $3981.72. And that is the 10th highest average state tax bill in the United States.

I have to say that I was surprised that we only ranked 10th highest in the nation. With our reputation for taxes, I thought New Jersey would rank much higher. I guess we could consider this good news if we look at it that way.

For the record, the state tax king in the U.S. is North Dakota, with an average bill of just under $5600. New York's annual average was a little over $4500.

You can check out ow they came up with these numbers, and see the average bills in other states by visiting the GoBankingRates website.

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