We often hear tax news in New Jersey, and it's almost never good. So what could the good tax news possibly be?

No, we are not getting lower real estate taxes or lower any type of taxes as far as we know. The good tax news is about our tax return refunds from the taxes we filed around this time last year.

It turns out the average tax return for a Garden State resident is among the highest on average in the nation. As a matter of fact, the returns we get on average ranks as the the 4th highest state in the nation.

The average tax return received by New Jersey residents on the taxes they filed in 2019 was $3059.50, according to Go Banking Rates. It was part of the $10,776,278,000 in refunds for New Jersey residents.

And a lot of Garden State residents received refunds. There were 3,522,238 issued last year to New Jersey residents.

We thought you would like some news about taxes that wasn't completely negative. We hope it worked.

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