Hopefully we'll all be getting into the swing of heading back to our favorite restaurants more frequently very soon. For many, it's been a while. So let's remember the do's and don'ts of restaurant behavior according to Monmouth & Ocean.

We all know the general procedure and practices, and even when we do things that are frowned on, we might night even realize it. But some of this stuff is pretty obvious, yet servers around the Jersey Shore tell us these things do still happen.

It's hard to believe, but apparently true. These things are happening.

The Finger Snap. When you need something and you're trying to get the server's attention, please don't snap. Either try to make eye contact with the server and let him or her know you need attention with a gentle nod or smile. Or just have a little patience. Yes, some servers don't make eye contact enough or make enough visits, but the good ones always will.

Honey or Sweetie. Unless you have a personal relationship with the server they are neither 'honey' or 'sweetie' or any other nickname.

We Love Kids But...We all love kids and there's nothing better than the whole family getting together for a dinner out, but the servers we spoke to hope customers know the line between good server and babysitter.

The servers we spoke with are all local to the Jersey Shore but understandably did not want to be identified. If you are a server who wants to add to the list, please do in the comment section. We'd love to hear from you!

And we hope for all the local restaurants that this light at the end of the tunnel gets bright fast! And we hope everyone heads out and supports these great restaurants and the servers who make the experience even more amazing!
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