Good news...and bad!

Tree pollen levels have been listed as 'very high' for days now, and everywhere I go I see watery eyes, sneezing, and stuffy noses. Not to mention hearing so many complain about headaches as their biggest allergy symptoms.


So here's a little (if temporary) good news from the tree pollen forecasting department:

 You only have to wait for the weekend to feel some relief.
According to the allergy tracker at, the tree pollen levels will drop from 'very high' to just 'high' by Saturday, and will fall to 'moderate' by Sunday.
And then get set to suffer again, because that same forecast says the levels will rise once again on Monday and by Tuesday they will be back to the 'very high' level that has been making so many with pollen allergies suffer for the past week or so.
Experts say to lessen the impact of the allergens, try to stay indoors as much as possible and keep yourself in air conditioned areas.​
In other words, don't get out there and enjoy the sunshine if it will make you miserable. Lol.
Check out this crazy video of just how much pollen can be shaken off of ONE tree!

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