An inspiring and creative evening to reach our young people.

'Step Back for a Moment', a concert series, will begin on June 7th, at the Algonquin Theater in Manasquan, 6:30 p.m.,  for young people who may not be interested in a school assembly or community forum.

Through live music from singer/songwriter Will Evans and fresh videos, teens and young adults will experience the gravity and emotion of our area's heroin addiction epidemic, including the story of a girl who just lost her best friend to an overdose and a young man 5 years clean from a heroin addiction that is jaw dropping..

The goal is to connect local young people and families, share information through story telling, and give some of the proceeds of the concerts to families to help with the cost of recovery, mental health and resources to heal, strengthen and empower them in their journey to recovery from crisis. Some of the money will also go the the 501c3 nonprofit You can NOT be replaced to continue community outreach, education and school presentations.

All who are passionate about sharing their stories and making an impact will be appealing to their peers and teens with great music, videos featuring honest story telling of real life experiences, and tangible ways to strengthen and guard our young people through proactive prevention.

If you were listening to our show this morning, then you may have heard Billy. He's a local young adult who got hooked on drugs while in high school in a beautiful town in our community. He was an honor roll kid, excelled at sports...and still this happened to him in a high school where parents are still saying 'not my kid'. You will hear more about Billy's story at this show, and in future blogs right here leading up to the event.

you cannot be replaced
(Billy, Melissa, Emily, and Chip by Liz Jeressi)

This is an opportunity for young people to hear that through commitment, hard work, and structured support recovery is possible. The message encourages young people that no one is too far from help and we all need to encourage and inspire one another to live a life of purpose and passion.

Future events will cover topics like mental health, choosing good friends, the importance of family, and living with honesty and integrity and the importance of doing good for others.

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