Forget the stereotypes and forget the jokes. Sure, we have a bit of an attitude here in the Garden State, but that's what makes us charming, right? Let's face it. The truth is we're nice people here at the Jersey Shore. But, are you too nice for your own good?

According to a report on, being too nice, or specifically saying yes too often, can make you stressed and even lead to depression. The report refers to a 2010 study that says it's more likely to happen to women who "show high people pleasing tendencies". It stands to reason that if you say yes just to please other people even though you really want to say no, can really stress you out.

We don't exactly have a worldwide reputation of being "too" nice here in New Jersey, but anyone who lives here or visits, knows better. We are giving, caring fun loving people here at the Jersey Shore and all through the state. So keep it up, New Jersey! Keep being nice...just not too nice!

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