Let’s take a few minutes to forget all the stuff going on today and relive a simpler time when we were all a lot younger and had little to worry about except getting our license and having gas money to go out with our friends and drive our cars! The first car is something we will always remember, so let’s do just that!

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What was YOUR “first car”? Did you have something you wish you had today or did you drive the kind of car you want to forget? I guess we should all be thankful we didn't have to walk, however my first car still led me to doing some walking lol

My first car was a 1973 Dodge Dart two-door coupe. Beige with beige interior. I got the car in exchange for doing some work for a friend of ours. One catch with the car, it had no engine lol. I did the work took the car and then proceded to get an engine in it, which was easy or inexpensive. One tip when buying your kids their first car, make sure it runs lol. Once I got the engine in the car it ran, but it was missing a few luxury items like heat, gas gauge and radio. I was able to fix the radio, but the heat and had gauge never worked in that car. By the way going back to my “walking” with my first car, I often ran out of gas because we never knew we were on empty....hence the walking and/or pushing.

One funny story when I took this car to college, I went for a ride in the mountains in West Virginia where I attended Salem College. it was a beautiful afternoon and I had the music playing, windows open and I enjoyed the ride.....except remember that has gauge? Well yes out in the mountains in the middle of no where I ran out of gas 😤 It was getting dark and only one cabin to be seen, yes I thought “well this is how it ends” as the theme from “Deliverance” played in my head (Burt Reynolds, look it up). I knocked on the door to the cabin prepared for the worst, but to my relief a professor at our College worked there! I was saved. He got me gas and I got back to campus before anyone even thought I was missing. That was a close call and ever since then I have always had a working gas gauge in my cars!

What kind of car was your first? Did the car have a name? Wish you still had it? Any funny stories to share? We’d love to her your car stories. By the way the photo below for this article is a mural located right here in Downtown Toms River.....looked appropriate for “first car” tales..... 🚘

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

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