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Shawn Michaels

So I am continuing my tour of Ocean County and looking at some of the latest construction that is going on here at the Jersey Shore. I feel any new construction is hopefully an improvement to our community and in these times it means jobs and future business.

This particular trip I found myself on Route 37 in Toms River  and I spotted this project, check photos included, and after looking at them I can't find any signage that shows what this building is destined to become. That's not to say it is there, but I can't find any clues as to the future of this location.

After looking closely to me it looks to be a store based on the doors in the front, but I could be completely off. It's interesting because it has the the four awnings in front, two on each side. Is this style synonymous with a chain or particular store?

Have you heard any news on this project or is it still kind of unknown or am I simply late to the party and it's no secret what's going in at this location? What are your thoughts and what do you think would make a good fit on 37 in Toms River?


New Toms River Construction

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