Some things just simply need to be talked about. I recently met Nicci Balestrieri, the Co-founder of the Autism Movement Project. He is a great dude and after doing more research I thought it would be important to share his wonderful organization with everyone around the Jersey Shore. They recently re-opened and If you don't know, for the last three years, the Autism Movement Project in Manasquan is a nonprofit organization that provides fitness and sports programming for individuals with developmental delays. Nicci, Vincent, and Brandon are the founders who are athletes, parents, and professionals. They are committed to bringing physical fitness to individuals with developmental delays in a fun and engaging way.

According to their website, the Autism Movement Project specializes in using research-based interventions to maximize the success of their athletes, and in the integration of physical fitness and team sports in the special needs community. Autism Movement Project brings sports and fitness to a community that is greatly impacted by the social and physical components of organized play. You can read more about their program by CLICKING THIS LINK. 

If you or somebody you might know might be interested... AMP has no contracts or sign-up fees. They accept all major credit cards. A single session is $35 and a month-to-month membership is $115 per month. CLICK FOR A FREE TRIAL - CLICK TO PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP.

Don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. You can also donate HERE!

It is truly a wonderful organization. I wish them nothing but continued success in 2021!! You can check out AMP's awesome work below:

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