WOW!!! How cool!  MAN vs. FOOD selected our super-beloved hometown ice cream spot, Hoffman's Ice Cream & Yogurt to be featured on their hit TV show!  Here are the details so you don't miss it!

Photo credit: Hoffmans Ice Cream
Photo credit: Hoffmans Ice Cream

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They are taking the Hoffman's Octopus Challenge which is 8 scoops of 8 flavors of ice cream, 8 toppings, whipped cream and a cherry that has to be eaten in 8 minutes! Here is what it looks like:

Photo credit: Hoffmans Ice Cream Facebook
Photo credit: Hoffmans Ice Cream Facebook

All of their ice cream is homemade at their Point Pleasant Beach location. They also have locations in Spring Lake Heights and there's one in Long Branch too.  I've been to them all!  Black raspberry is my long standing favorite but they also offer:  almond turtles, blueberry pie, brownie batter, butter pecan, cherry vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, coconut joy, coffee, coffee oreo, cookie dough, cookie monster, espresso mocha chunk, fudge mint cookie, jersey money (best name ever), key lime pie (second favorite), lemon sorbet, mint chocolate chip, oreo, pralines and cream, raspberry sorbet, reese's cup, salted caramel pretzel, s'mores, strawberry, toasted coconut, and vanilla. What is YOUR favorite? I'm taking votes at

Don't miss the show!  Hoffman's episode will air at the following times:

Thursday, 8/26 - 1:00am

Friday, 8/27 - 8:30pm

Saturday, 8/28 - 12:30am & 11:30pm

Sunday, 8/29 - 5:30pm

Wednesday, 9/1 - 7:30pm 11:30pm

I have a great idea, go get your favorite flavor and bring it home to eat while you watch!

This Man vs Food: Jersey Shore episode will be epic and tell the rest of the world what we already know...Hoffman's is AH-MAY-ZING!

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