All parents know about the struggle to get little ones to sleep at night. But these 2 companion books could have your kids asking to go to bed so that they can listen to the heartwarming magic that takes place within these pages.

Looks like an Award-Winning ABC News producer (who happens to live in Monmouth County) who has written these two new books now also has a career as an author. In fact, Good Morning America and Shark Tank agree.

The books, Dream Grabber and Dream Jumper, are meant to help kids conquer their sleep fears and, instead, turn bedtime into their favorite time.

The author, Holmdel resident John R. Green, is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning TV news and documentary writer and producer. He wrote these books based on the bedtime rituals he created to help his own two children face their fears about falling asleep.
In these books, John has invented a fanciful, safe world. Dream Grabber is the story of a heroic father who has the ability to defeat nightmares for his son and replace them with beautiful dreams that float invisibly in the air. Dream Jumper is the story of a little girl who dreads being alone in her dreams until her father reveals that he has the magical power to jumps inside of dreams while they are both asleep and embark on fantastical journies with her.
Licensed psychologist Kim Bergman, PhD, says,
"Dream Grabber is a charming and delightful bedtime story, beautifully validating a universal childhood fear rather than dismissing it"
The books encourage nurturing bedtime routines to help your children understand that dreamland should be an enjoyable and secure place to be.
The books are now available for presale through Amazon and will officially be released at Barnes & Noble and Amazon on Nov. 10th.
Robin Roberts from Good Morning America calls these books heartwarming with beautiful illustrations. Lori Greiner from Shark Tank says she adores the books and that they will turn bedtime and dreaming into a magical, worry-free time for your kids.
John, a first-time author, has an amazing career. He is a multiple Emmy award-winning TV news and documentary writer and producer and 25-year veteran of ABC News. He currently serves as Executive Producer of Special Programming and Executive Vice President of Rock'n Robin Productions in NYC. John and his husband, Anthony, live in Holmdel with their twin children AJ and Francesca.
Photo courtesy of Cassie Galasetti
Left to right: AJ, Anthony, John (author) and Francesca. Photo courtesy of Cassie Galasetti
For more information and advance orders CLICK HERE.
 To pre-order through Amazon CLICK HERE for Dream Grabber and HERE for Dream Jumper.
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