Decades ago, there was very little more than theory in the Big Bang theory, but that all changed in this lovely town you may have heard of called Holmdel, New Jersey.

It may be hard to believe, but a couple of scientists working with the Holmdel Horn Antenna kept hearing this strange noise that they couldn't seem to explain. They tried everything to get rid of it, including cleaning pigeon poop and trying to blame the whole thing on those loud New Yorkers not too far away, according to Slate.

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But it turned out the sound they were hearing wasn't from humans, or Holmdel, or New Jersey, or even the Earth for that matter. The 'static' turned out to be remnants of the Big Bang theory. Yea, two scientists in Holmdel were the first to 'hear' evidence of the Big Bang because of an oddly shaped Antenna right smack in Northern Monmouth County.

It's an amazing story that should make us all proud. It turns out the two scientists, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1978.

Just when you thought you knew all the historic events that have happened here in our area, a new one always seems to pop up  And this particular one is big. I mean, it doesn't get bigger than the Big Bang, right.

And by the way, you can go check out this piece of history for yourself. It's now a National Historic Landmark, and it's open to the public. check out Roadtrippers for all the details.

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