A handful of Super Bowl ads have already landed online ahead of this Sunday’s big game — it’s the usual mix of TV spots for upcoming movies like Ghost in the Shell and Transformers: The Last Knight, along with a few ads featuring familiar faces like Gal Gadot and John Malkovich promoting businesses and collecting paychecks. And then there’s Honda. Like others, their ad for this year’s Super Bowl also features several beloved celebs, but there’s something kind of unnerving about the execution.

Behold the uncanny valley of celebrity yearbook photos coming to life via the magic of CGI in Honda’s ad for their new SUV. The ad features a montage of actual yearbook photos of some of your favorite faces long before they were famous, like Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Amy Adams and Stan Lee — all of whom lend their voices over animated versions of their old photos, which look fairly creepy thanks to some wonky CGI.

Aside from looking like a low-rent Robert Zemeckis nightmare, the ad is kind of confusing — like, I guess if you want to create a comic-book universe or go to Hollywood and pursue your dreams, you’re gonna need a reliable car, like a Honda, to get there?

OK then.

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