Last week a photo of two puppies from the Monmouth County SPCA went viral, largely in part to the guy who was holding them.

Find out more about 'The Hot SPCA Guy,' including where you can find him this weekend!

Scott Crawford is the Director of Operations for the MCSPCA shelter in Eatontown.

(In case you missed it, a photo was posted of Scott holding two adorable pups, but the comments were quickly taken over by ladies wanting to know more about the handsome Foster Dad.)

Ladies, I got all the essential details for you.

In case you're wondering, he's 5'11", about to celebrate his 33rd birthday, and currently lives in Eatontown. And he works A LOT.

I can say that at least in the few conversations I've had with him, he seems like a totally sweet and down-to-earth guy who is 'flattered to say the least' by all the attention he's getting.

Honestly though, just go look at his Instagram feed, will make you happy.

I mean, really.

You can look for Scott AND lots of adoptable animals this Saturday at the MCSPCA Dog Walk and Pet Fair, 10a-3p at Brookdale Community College.

And if any of you wind up marrying him, I'm totally coming to the wedding!!!

(Special thanks to my husband for being an equally good sport.)

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