Ever since House of Cards debuted on Netflix, friends have been telling me I need to watch it...so I gave it a try.

And by that I mean Duzzy and I binge-watched both seasons in a span of about 3 days over our New Year's break -- we're obsessed.

It's like The West Wing meets conspiracy theories meets "NO WAY!!!!"

It's a really great show. In fact, Kevin Spacey just won the Golden Globe award last night for his incredible acting work on the show. (Both Robin Wright and the show itself were nominated, but didn't win.)

The trailer for season 3 is out and now I really can't wait to see this season!

Considering season 3 gets released in its entirety the day after my birthday, (aka February 27th) let's just say instead of partying, I might spend the first anniversary of my 29th on my couch!

If you're not watching it, start!

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