Within the Murray household, there were a total of two parents, three siblings, a dog, and a cat so as a result, people were always coming and going on different eating schedules.

So I cannot tell you how many times I have come downstairs to a fridge full of leftovers that may necessarily not be mine to take. I have played this situation out in two ways and both still result in me getting yelled at.

The first is to wait a day or two and if the food is still in the fridge, I chow down before it goes bad. Obviously once I eat it, that is when someone else goes looking for it. Just my luck.

The second is to not touch the food at all and then when it goes bad, I am immediately asked, "Why didn't you eat this?"

So tell me, what is the proper etiquette. If you have a response that is not listed, leave a comment below!

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