So, no one is even a little shocked that people lie on dating profiles. I don’t need to tell you that. And you certainly don’t need an expert to tell you any of it.

But if you do talk to experts they can tell you how much lying is going on in your average dating profiles. It’s important to have an expert tell you, because you might not believe the sheer number of lying going on.

Experts say that the information you’re reading about your next potential date might not even be able to be called information at all, since some studies say that what some people post as dating profiles is up to 80% lies. What a way to start a relationship!

The article at Medium goes on to list the topics most often lied about on dating profiles. See if any of them ring a bell for you.

Age. You know that would be high on the list

Body. Height and weight top the list.

Location. The lies here come mostly to make you think you’re closer to them or they want to hide their profile from family or friends.

Availability. It’s used by those who want to avoid commitment.

Financial Status. We all want to seem to be more successful and more rich than we really are.

Relationship Status. No explanation necessary here.

Entire identity. Yep, the whole thing is made up.

Job status. Also doesn’t really need further explanation.

It’s unbelievable how many lies are in dating profiles. You can read more at Independent. Experts estimate the percentage in any given dating profile to be between 50 and 80 percent.So, you can believe every other thing on the honest ones  And on the dishonest ones, you can only believe one out of five things. Good luck out there.

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