Mother's Day is right around the corner and I heard Eric Scott doing a story about how much a mom would make if she got a salary, and the results of the study shocked me. The amount? Under $60,000...really?

First of all, mom is probably the most important job in the world and it should be treated that way. Now I know these studies try to put a value on things that can't really have a monetary value, but come on!

And let's add insult to injury. The mom "salary" went down from last year. How is that even possible? The job of mom certainly gets tougher each year as the world throws more things at moms to deal with each day, so how could this imaginary salary go down?

As Mother's Day approaches, I think is't time we give moms a raise. Not just a raise, but a big raise and a huge bonus. I know it's hypothetical, but there is no way you can put a value on what moms do, let alone throw around a number under $60,000. Let's just say none of us could ever afford to pay a mom what she really deserves.

Thank you moms, for making the world a better place!

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