It's a patriotic time of year with 4th of July is just around the corner, so just how patriotic is the Garden State? The 2020 rankings for patriotism are out.

The study was released by WalletHub and ranks all the states in the nation, and a lot of factors were used to determine the rankings. As a matter of fact, they looked at 13 key indicators of patriotism to come up with the results.

And if you love New Jersey, and if you think New Jersey is a patriotic place, .you are not going to be happy at all with these results. It turns out based on this research, New Jersey is the least patriotic state in America. That's right, no state is less patriotic than we are.

In the category of "Military Engagement", the Garden State ranks 48th. As for "Civic Engagement", New Jersey is ranked number 43. Here are some other details of the research that led us to these results.

There are other rankings that contributed to our results...

Fewest Veterans Per Capita...the only state in the nation with fewer than New Jersey is New York.

Overall Score...while New Hampshire's final score was a 63.97 in the study, good for 1st place, New Jersey's score was a 22.12, ranking us 50th. The only other state to score below a 23 was New York (22.87).

I have to say that despite this ranking, this result does not reflect my experiences here at the Jersey Shore. I have found a great deal of patriotism here in the Garden State, and I hope that these statistics don't really portray what is in the hearts of Jersey Shore residents.

You can get details on this study and how all the states rank at WalletHub.

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