If you are a Garden State resident, and you have the dream of getting married someday, you may be in the wrong place. At least that’s what a few recent studies say.

It turns out the Garden State is not exactly the best place to get married. Here are some of the reasons why according to the experts.

Best cities to get married in for 2021...if you’re looking for the best New Jersey cities to get married in this year, you have to go way down the list compiled by WalletHub to even find New Jersey. How far down the list? The first time the Garden State appears is at #180 and that’s Newark. Jersey City is right behind that at #181.

So we dug a little deeper to find some good news about love in the Garden State. How about most romantic places?

It turns out the Garden State is pretty romantic after all, kind of...

Big Seven Travel says we were the 16th most romantic state in America in 2020 (not exactly the easiest year for romance).

We all know that we don’t always get local from national publications even though we deserve it, so we need to do it ourselves. Here are three of the most romantic things that you can only do on the Jersey Shore...

Walk hand in hand along the Asbury Park Boardwalk in the shadows of Convention Hall.
Stroll along the sidewalks of the quaint small town charm of Spring Lake and soak in the post card quality sights.

Sit on a blanket on the beach in Point Pleasant And watch the sunrise in the shadows of the palm trees and to the soundtrack of the gently rolling waves and the tranquil sea gulls.
When all is said and done, nobody does romance better than we do here at the Jersey Shore, no matter what the rest of the world is saying.

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