Liz and I both had the opportunity to get the help of a personal shopper to get us ready for Friday's SCAN Fashion Show at Monmouth Mall.

I would like to thank Barbara for being so patient with me, even though I don't think I was too demanding, after all, what matters most at a fashion show is what the models are wearing, right?

Regardless of that, Barbara is very good at what she does, and she had to deal with two extremes with me and Liz. My radio partner has had a reputation of taking upwards of three hours to get through this process, and I like to be done in 10 minutes. i'm not sure which is worse for Barbara.

Barbara weaved her way though my lack of assistance and managed to find an awesome look for me, and it took a little less than 90 minutes. The hardest part for her when it came to me was finding the right size. as you know, I'm not exactly a buy it off the rack kind of guy.

So, now Liz (who reportedly took 3 hours again this year), NJNG's Tom Hayes, and I are ready for the big event, and we don't want you to miss it!

The SCAN Fashion Show takes place this Friday at Monmouth Mall. The expo is from 11:00am to 3:00pm and the fashion show will start at 1:30pm. To get all the details, visit the SCAN Monmouth Mall website.

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