If you were ever going to attempt a love letter, Valentine's Day would be a good time to try.

If you have absolutely no clue on how to get started, let's try it 'for dummies' style . Here's a guide:

1. Go to a stationery store and buy a piece of heavy weight, fancy paper.

2. Begin with a salutation like "My Love." 

3. Start the first paragraph (yes, there will be more than one) with "I don't tell you often enough how I love you."

4. In the second paragraph, take two or three sentences to tell her how she makes you feel.

5. In the third paragraph, write about your hopes and expectations for your relationship

6. If you've had troubles in your relationship but still want to make things work, write something like "I know we've had our troubles but we have something bigger than our troubles. It's important to me that we work through them."

7. In closing, don't just write "Love, John." Write something like "All my love to you" or "My love to you, now and always." 

Good luck! And feel free to share those letters with us!

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