For Jersey shore summer lovers, it's a bittersweet weekend. On one hand, it's a great weekend to celebrate everything that is great about the Jersey shore. On the other hand, it's the end (or at least the beginning of the end of summer).

Either way, it's a pretty big deal deciding how you're going to celebrate the holiday weekend. We have more options than you could ever need. The problem is many of them include navigating traffic and crowds. Many of us have spent all summer avoiding those things, so if you want to soak in the beach and boardwalk environment, this weekend may be your last chance.

Others have dived in head first and have been right in the middle of it all summer long, and wouldn't miss being in the middle of it one last time. But there is that group of people who have had their fill and may want to make this weekend a little quieter.

The time for the big decision is here. It's Labor Day weekend at the Jersey shore, so what will it be?

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