This adorable 7-year old is a hero to the Howell PD. You'll think so, too, after you hear his story and see this video.

Little Jake Honig was diagnosed at 2 years old with a rare brain tumor (mis)diagnosed as Ewings Sarcoma. It was about the size of a kiwi. He underwent successfull 7 hour brain surgery leaving no neurological defects.

(Photo courtesy of Howell PD)
(Photo courtesy of Howell Township PD)

That was followed by 14 rounds of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation over a 9 month period. Jake then went 4 years in remission, and on his 4-year scan they found that the tumor had returned. Same size, same location. Jake underwent 6 hour brain surgery, again very successfully.

Now doctors realize with additional testing that it is not and never was Ewings Sarcoma. Instead it is a high grade, yet hard to categorize, brain tumor caused by a specific gene mutation that Jake has.

(Howell Township PD)
(Howell Township PD giving Jake an original, exclusive poster they had made)

Jake is now currently on 3 types of chemo for 5 straight days occurring every 21 days. He will also be doing higher dose radiation if deemed safe enough.

Jake's dad Mike says his son's attitude is amazing! He takes everything like a champ and understands much of what's going on. He takes his medicine and goes to the hospital with no complaints.

Jake is now 7 years old and finishing up 1st grade. He loves basketball and playing with his sister Gianna, along with video games and doing anything outside.

But as an example of how amazing this little boy is and why he is lovingly nicknamed "The Tank", when Jake had his first 7-hour surgery at 2-years old, he woke up and told the surgeon that he wanted pancakes and juice. Most kids don't even speak for at least 24 hours post-surgery. His surgeon, Dr. Storm, was laughing hysterically.

The Howell Township Police Department Chief Kudrick calls this brave young man courageous. Jake visited the PD last year and was given a tour and a ride-along with Detective Corporal Mike Pavlick. Jake is a huge fan of the police, so that's why they wanted to do this for him. Chief says this: "Jake, there's a police officer application set aside with your name on it," and goes on to say that Jake is truly an inspiration who has positively impacted more people in the last 5 years than most adults do in their entire life.

Special recognition goes out to Det. Cpl. Mike Pavlick who organized and coordinated the entire event. He arranged for the purchase of the motorcycle through the PBA, assembled it and arranged for the delivery. He rallied the officers and made the presentation to Jake. He truly is committed to the community.

And also thank you to Christian Antunez of the Howell Police for helping me gather the info to share this story.

It is unfortunate (to say the least) that only 4% of all funds donated to cancer go to pediatric research. Seven children die each day and 36 more are diagnosed. Jake's dad says that if you would like to donate to childhood cancer research, CLICK HERE.

To follow Jake, CLICK HERE.

You are an amazing little boy, Jake, and we would love to have you on our show soon!


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