Pretty soon we won’t have to wait for Summer to have a blast swimming in New Jersey!  The most amazing, huge and exciting indoor water park is being built and it will be ready for you by Memorial Day 2023!

This will be the largest in and outdoor beachfront water park in New Jersey.  How big?  100 thousand feet big!  It is going to offer 11 water slides and a 10 thousand square foot splash pad for the little ones. For the older kids and more daring ones there is going to be a surf simulator!  Where is it going to be?  Atlantic City!

Island Waterpark will have water slides, lazy rivers, and pools and if you are not into the water thing you have your pick of restaurants and outlet shopping!

Atlantic City has been reinventing itself to be more family friendly and this is the perfect way to do just that!  I know my family and I will be there!

All this will happen on the New Jersey Avenue beach block at Showboat.

This will also be a stellar place to host a party with multiple lounge areas and party rooms.  So who is ready to ride?

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