I can't believe I saw people doing this.

I picked my daughter up and her friends at Six Flags Great Adventure. So, I'm in the parking lot, waiting for them to come out. I was there at closing around 11:45 pm.

I was parked in the parking lot waiting and everyone was walking out from a fun-filled day and night at Six Flags and especially now because of Fright Fest. I saw 15 people litter. 15, I counted. And many, many more than that as I was pulling out of the parking lot.

Families, couples, young and old, just throwing their garbage on the ground. From paper plates after eating a funnel cake to plastic bottles and napkins. I saw a couple eating a slice of pizza and when they were done, just threw the plate on the ground. It's not like there aren't trash cans in the parking lot. They're everywhere.

Come on! I know we're better than this. How can you walk through a parking lot and just drop your garbage on the ground? There are trash cans in the parking lot. I just couldn't believe how the parking lot looked when I pulled out. We are so much better than this.

It's something we all learn when we're kids, DO NOT LITTER. I hate when I see people throw trash out of their cars, let alone walking across a parking lot where there are trash cans right next to you. This is just pure laziness, I'll say it again..."I couldn't believe it."

For the employees of Six Flags that have to clean up the parking lot, I'm so sorry for all of that clean-up. The parking lot, as I pulled out of it, was covered in trash. Please, stop being lazy and throw away your trash. STOP LITTERING.

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