I was recently scrolling through Facebook and I saw something that caught my attention. It's something that defiantly needs to be highlighted and recognized for all Jersey Shore residents to see. Most of us love the beach and we take pride in keeping our towns clean, so I think this is just the beginning of what will be a forever known Jersey Shore organization.

That organization is the Salt Water Warriors. During the first hour of their 9th and most recent town clean-up, volunteers collected 610 plastic bottles, amongst plenty of other litter scattered around Point Pleasant. It's sad to think there's that much garbage lying around our beach towns but luckily we have the Salt Water Warriors. A special thank you to Andrea Berger, Alaina Keffer, and all of the Salt Water Warrior volunteers! (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

From the Salt Water Warriors:

The Salt Water Warriors are a group of volunteers in Point Pleasant and the surrounding towns that gather once a month for Town Clean Ups! We provide gloves and eco friendly garbage bags at our meeting point and then send the volunteers out on the town! We head to all the waterways, beaches, and some heavily trafficked areas of the town for one hour of collecting litter. Then we get together for a group picture with the volunteers before the our next step, sorting the litter. We thoroughly sort the recyclables out and properly dispose of the trash. What sets us apart is that we count everything that was collected as we sort them into categories in order to give feedback to the public on what we find around town. We focus on showing our volunteers how to properly dispose of their garbage while stressing the importance of reducing our plastic waste as a community. Our 9th town clean up was Sunday 3/21/21 where 29 volunteers collected over 610 plastic bottles in only one hour, amongst plenty of other litter. Our goal is to spread awareness to the community during these clean ups by picking up the garbage before it enters our waterways. Please give us a follow on Instagram where we make all of our announcements - @salt_water_warriors. If anyone can’t make the cleanups but still want to make a difference, we encourage the community to send us pictures of picking up litter so we can share it on Instagram anytime!

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IMPORTANT: You can join the fun! The Salt Water Warriors will be at the Bay Head Life Earth Day Tradeshow on Saturday, April 24th from 10 am - 2 pm. They will be located on the lawn east of the Manasquan Savings Bank on Bridge Ave in Bay Head. The next day on Sunday, April 25th, they will have their 10th town clean up! This will start at 9 am at the Riverfront Park in Pt. Boro. The Salt Water Warriors hope to see you there and make sure to follow them on Instagram for updates! CHECK OUT THE FUN BELOW:

The Salt Water Warriors

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