Are you ready to give up plastic straws?

Well that is exactly what environmental activists are asking you and major food chains to do.

Volunteers participating in the Spring's Beach Sweep said that they found approximately 50% more plastic straws than last year which also means that a larger number of straws made it to our waterways.

"We must have found over 100 straws, and we didn't even take the bus to one of the other beaches," said volunteer Caroline Kanner.

Activists are also turning to Starbucks, McDonalds, and Dunkin Donuts to lead the way and switch to paper straws because of the copious amounts of their well-known colorful straws that were found on the beaches.

All three companies have released a statement saying that this topic of discussion is one of their main focuses.

We are only given one earth and one set of Jersey Shore beaches and it doesn't look like we are taking very good care of them.

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