I was doing a little painting outside the house yesterday and then, at a distance, I heard the skies of Point Pleasant fill with the sound of music. It wasn't Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, but it was getting everybody's attention, especially the kids. I could hear them begging their moms for money, "pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssse mmoooomm". Please with 8 consecutive 'E's can only mean one thing. The ice cream truck had arrived.

It was still a block away and the kids were lining up already. The truck finally made it down the block and for some reason they were playing a Christmas song. Kind of weird, but it didn't matter. The ice cream had arrived.

I put the paint brush down for a second and started thinking, "Am I too old to run over there?" There was nothing I wanted to do more than run over there and get some ice cream. Finally I decided I would do it. Nobody's too old for the ice cream truck, right?

Then the big irony struck. I had the same problem the kids in the neighborhood had minutes ago. The same problem I had when I was 7. I had no cash. Who carries cash anymore? Thanks alot technology! So I did what I've always done at that moment. I called my Mom. She answered and I said, "Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssse  mmoooomm". She asked me if I ate dinner yet. Some things never change.

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