Anytime we have an update regarding beaches, boardwalks, parking and Summer can expect us to let you know.

That is regards to this Summer...I👏 AM👏 PUMPED!👏

However, there are changes coming for Ideal Beach in Middletown that aren't exactly  ideal but it is needed and I have some things to say about it.

In 2020, word got out that these beaches were free and I think you can put two and two together to figure out what happened next.

The beaches were INUNDATED by out of towners which made parking, traffic and litter a major problem.

So now....some new rules are being put into place to avoid a repeat.

According to, here they are:

1. "You may not park on the North side of Bayside Parkway from Ocean Avenue to Weehawken Avenue -- and yes, this applies to residents too."

2. "Bayside Parkway East from Ocean Avenue to Weehawken Avenue will become a one-way street starting on the Friday before Memorial Day through midnight on Labor Day each year."

The litter irks me but that isn't even the worst part of the story.

When all of the crowds inundated Middletown beaches, the troublemakers came right along with them.

There was an excessive number of incidents involving public drinking and intoxication, illegal parking and the worst part......*drum roll please*....people were USING THE SAND DUNES AS BATHROOMS.

That👏 is👏 NAS👏TY!👏

Do you seriously need to be told that this is not how you act?

Plus, there are rules in place that clearly state you are NEVER supposed to go on our sand dunes and for good reason. They are held together by plants and are our first line of defense from flooding and other natural disasters. STAY OFF.

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I get wanting to have a good time. I am the first one who will always raise my hand to take part in an adventure....but rules and etiquette can't go out the window.

Because guess what? Now Middletown is considering implementing a beach badge system to help control the crowds which means this beach may no longer be free.

Were these actions done by the majority? Probably not...

But now everyone will suffer so before the Summer of 2021 officially kicks off, let me just say....KNOCK IT OFF.

Information on these beach and parking changes can be found at

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