It's going to be another rainy day at the Jersey Shore with the potential of 2+ inches of additional rain in our area.

There is a Flood Watch in effect until tomorrow (Friday) afternoon which has the potential to cause roadway flooding and ponding in low lying areas. Our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says we'll dry out by tomorrow afternoon.

That's the bad news, but the good news is it's rain, right? We're in February, so let's say it a;ll together...imagine if this was snow and not rain. We did imagine that, and we researched it, so here are some eye opening stats.

If this week's rain had been snow...

If we do get two inches of rain today, the National Severe Storm Laboratory says we'd be shoveling and plowing about 26 inches if that rain was snow.

Some Monmouth & Ocean towns saw about .05 inches of rain yesterday (2/5), according to the Rutgers NJ Weather Network which means we would have been dealing with an annoying .65 inches of snow if it had been cold enough.

This past Sunday (2/2) some local towns saw about .16 inches of rain. No big deal, right? It would have been 2 inches of snow, however, had the temperature not cooperated.

So, if the first week of February had been colder, or closer to what it should be temperature wise, we could have racked up close to 30 inches of snow for some of our area, and even more inland and north and west.

Nobody wants rainy days, but at least if you look at it this way, you'll feel a little better about it. Unless of course you like shoveling snow, or you're a kid who just wants to make a snowman and throw a snowball or two.

You can stay up to date on the latest Jersey Shore weather with Dan Zarrow's blog.

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