We shower, bathe, brush our teeth, put on deodorant, apply cologne or lotion and it all may not be enough to avoid smelling.

Remember be told to eat your greens? You probably should, because it turns out that the very thing that makes plants green is also consider the body's internal deodorant. It's called chloropyhll and of course, you can find it in leafy greens, like spinach and watercress, according to msn.com.

Experts say that if you include those foods in most meals it will help you "freshen up." By the way, you can also get the desired result from drinking "fresh-squeezed green drinks like wheatgrass or kale-spinach-apple-lemon juice", according to registered dietician Brenda Davis, who is the author of the book "Becoming Raw.”

I imagine that even if you eat the spinach or the kale or the watercress, you probably should keep bathing. Come on, let's keep New Jersey smelling great.