In what might be the best news I've heard all week, today, we can kick off the running shoes and clink our wine glasses instead, knowing we're still doing the body good!

red wine

According to some recent research, drinking red wine could be as good for you -- if not better than -- going to the gym.

I'll repeat:

Wine beats exercise!

It all comes down to an antioxident compound in my beloved Pinot called resveratrol, also found in regular unfermented grapes (boo) and nuts, which is good for the heart, muscles, and bones.

In fact, University of Alberta (Canada) researcher Jason Dyck said in an interview with their Medicine and Dentistry Department, 'We were excited when we saw that resveratrol showed results similar to what you would see from extensive endurance exercise training.'

I'm going to take that as proof that I can officially say after my glass of red that I've completed extensive endurance training. Sure, the other effects of alcohol on the body probably negate any of those resveratrol benefits, but SHHH, we're not talking about that.

So, cheers. friends. Let's drink for our health, science says so!

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