Sometimes you just need a cookie to be happy. If you want a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie are you going to whip out the baking pan, eggs, and flour?  Of course not.  We're busy grinding in life and very few of us have time to bake.  Even if we did, our cookies would never be as good as these. 

Photo credit: Crumbl
Photo credit: Crumbl

Get ready, a shiny new Crumbl Cookie is coming to New Jersey!  We have one in my town and my daughter is obsessed with it.  They specialize in fresh, soft delicious cookies that can be delivered to your door.  They have custom recipes that will indulge your dark side, and by dark side, I mean me in the dark stuffing my face. 


There is a flavor for everyone with over 170 varieties to choose from. They put them into rotation weekly so the flavors never get "stale", see what I did there?  The one that tastes like an Almond Joy with ooey gooey coconut and warm chocolate on top is to die for.  These aren’t your grandma’s cookies, no offense grandma. 


It is really crazy how much Crumbl took off.  They started in Utah and got so popular they now have over 600 locations all over the country, nine of which are here in New Jersey.  We are still waiting on the opening date for Brick but we will keep you posted!  You can read more about it in The Patch here. Yum.

Crumbl shows off on TikTok all the time in case you want to follow them:

@crumblcookies When we tried RASPBERRY BUTTER CAKE, everything changed ✨ Who's excited to try this NEW cookie!? ✋#CrumblCookies♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies
In other news, Cookie Monster revealed his real name.  Yes, he has a first name we never knew about!  Read about that here. If you are into more than cookies here is a list of the best bakeries at the Jersey Shore:

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