This is a question that you don't have to many hot dogs do you think you have consumed in your lifetime at The WindMill? If you are in Brick you were no doubt topping that meal of champions off with a Coke Slurpee from the 7-Eleven right next door until that went bye bye.

So what is going to replace it? We just found out. The corner of Routes 70 and 88 West in Brick will now be home to a shiny new..............................................

Drumroll please.......................................

CityMD. It will take over the old 7-Eleven AND the WindMill.  Are you happy about this?

I do find urgent cares to be super-convenient but I do love a Slurpee in ways that only few will understand.

According to The Patch, there are multiple urgent care centers in Ocean County:

* Toms River

* Lanoka Harbor, Lacey

* Manahawkin in Stafford Township

* Wall

Urgent Cares are getting more and more popular so maybe this out does a Slurpee and dog combo?  I have used them to take care of ear aches and chest colds and it really does cut down on the wait time.

Well in any event, it's fun to be a know-it-all and tell your friends that you know what's going in that spot.  You are so on top of things!  Here are some more Brick noteworthy stories...

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