Is it you…is it you?  Some lucky person just bought a winning lottery ticket for the 5 Card Cash Fast Play game in Brick and the prize is pretty huge!

Let's dream for a moment...what exactly would you do with an additional 90 grand? Are you going the responsible route and investing or pay bills or are you ready to travel the world or shop till' you drop? Listen, that's enough cash to do a lot and if you ask me, you deserve it!


The mystery winner has won $90,074 in the progressive jackpot game which is pretty life-changing! OK, so let’s narrow it down a bit…because the winner could be YOU!

This is literally the best $5 this person ever spent.  By the way, you know this ticket purchase was an afterthought know, you're in the store for a Red Bull and a snack and you figure, "Ahhh what the hell" and you buy that $5 golden ticket.  The trouble is, this ticket is wedged in someone's car visor somewhere.

So make sure to check those tickets!  The prize is a 50 percent of the progressive jackpot.  If you want to get in on the fun, don't forget that Fast Play Progressive tickets are sold anywhere you buy lottery tickets.

2022 was not off to a great start but it can change at anytime so why not now?  Hey it’s a new year and it can happen for you so fingers crossed this is your ticket, and if it isn’t, you could be next!

The winning ticket was sold at Cigars & More located at 2140 Route 88 in is a photo of the location:

Cigars and More Google Maps
Cigars and More Google Maps

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