Building up Brick better than ever?  Brick is growing all the time and now there is more evidence of that.  It looks like builder D.R. Horton, has applied for approval to build 59 new homes in town and I was wondering what you thought about that?

Any thoughts on the proposal?  The Brick Shorebeat reports that if approved, the sub-division will be built on about 30 acres.  The land is currently owned by Visitation Roman Catholic Church.

They are wanting to turn the property into 59 individual single-family homes right off Laurel Avenue between Mantoloking and Drum Point roads.  They would include parking, sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping.

It is not a sure thing yet, they will need support from a simple majority of board members for approval.  The meeting to decide will happen on February 23rd at 7pm at the township municipal complex.

I’ve personally owned a D.R. Horton home and we loved it.  This was our home in Atlanta when we lived there.

Shannon Holly's former house in ATL by DH Horton
Shannon Holly's former house in ATL by D.R. Horton

I'm not sure what the overall design of the homes will be but I can tell you they do great work!  Of course there will be concerns about if Brick has the infrastructure to continue to support adding a new community, that will no doubt be discussed in the town meeting on the 23rd.

If the proposal does not go though, the church had plans of using the space as a graveyard.  Area residents will have a chance to decide if they are more comfortable with that idea or the new development. If the new development is selected there it is projected that many of the trees that are existing would be removed removing any privacy buffer into the new community. Do you live in Brick?  What do you want to see happen?  Read more about it in the original story in The Brick Shorebeat here.

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