We have heard (and witnessed) more than our share of tourists who destroy the beach while they are using it. They leave it downright nasty. But scroll down and take a look at the photo I took at 6:30 pm after a perfect summer beach day.

I spent last Thursday on the beach. It was packed. It was a record perfect beach day in terms of weather and a calm ocean perfect for swimming. There was also what looked like a record crowd for a summer weekday at the beach in Avon before summer ends and the kids head back to school.

It started getting chilly (it was a low-humidity day with a little wind) at around 6 pm so the beach began to empty. When the last of the beach goers left the main beach area near the Pavilion, I took this photo.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

I took the photo mainly to show how incredibly CLEAN the beach goers in Avon leave their precious piece of shoreline. Avon is a wonderful family destination and it just goes to show the respect that the people that come here have for their beach. They are allowed to bring food and drinks onto the beach, yet there was not a piece of litter left behind that I could find.

I was shocked, especially after living in Point Pleasant Beach where the tourists litter so badly that you would rather leave town than walk along the sand after a summer beach day.

I have also witnessed the disgusting trash that people leave behind after local concerts, as documented in THIS BLOG on the aftermath of a PNC Arts Center concert recently.

So I just want to say THANK YOU to the fine folks who frequent Avon By The Sea and leave it as pristine as they found it. By the time the sand sifter guy in his tractor came by at around 9:30 pm, he could see that his job was made easier by the wonderful people who summer at this gorgeous beach.

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