We all have those moments when we get the urge for some good ole' fast food. Whether it's burgers and fries or chicken or tacos...you are lying if you don't admit to hitting your local fast food joint every so often.

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I think when it comes to "fast food" it just depends on your mood as to which drive-thru you might hit. Not everyone is in the mood for let's say "spicey" every time, so Taco Bell might be a place you frequent less and for others, it's spicey all the way all the time.

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I must admit for me I am partial to McDonald's when the urge strikes. Some of my McD's favs...Big Mac, Filet O' Fish, Fries, and Vanilla Shakes. If I hit McDonald's there is a good chance one of those I mentioned will be in the bag.

I started thinking when it comes to the "fast food" temptation, what is the most popular here in the Garden State?

I came across an article from Cheapism that focused on "fast food" in each state and what folks here in Jersey love the best when it comes to "fast food". According to Cheapism here are the Top 5 in New Jersey.


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Number Five: Subway


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Number Four: Burger King


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Number Three: Taco Bell


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Number Two: McDonald's


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Number One: Wendy's



Wendy's is number one for New Jersey and I have to say when I go to Wendy's I always get their chili. I love their chili and usually, that will be on my order at Wendy's. I like the "Frosty" but will admit it's a bit thick. It takes patience when having one lol.


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