Want to be even more proud of New Jersey than you already are? OK, we already know that TONS of famous people come out of Jersey but did you know the single most important invention on earth came from Jersey? Literally, I don’t know how anyone ever lived without it! Keep these nuggets of info in your back pocket the next time you have to defend or brag about Jersey!

Salt Water Taffy was invented right in Atlantic City! The story goes that candy shop owner David Bradley had his taffy soaked by a storm. A young girl came into his shop and asked to buy some candy and he joked that all he had left was “salt water taffy” and she bought it anyway.

Bubble Wrap…this was meant to be  3D wallpaper until they found a better use!

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Band Aids...Earl Dickson was the son of a doctor and he and his wife Josephine saw a need for this product when she cut her leg. To name it, they combined the words bandage and first aid to get Band Aid.

Chlorinated Water came from a resident of Belleville.  Charles Frederick Wallace made a device to create safe drinking water after so many died as a result of unsafe water.
TV Dinners were created by William Maxon in 1944 after the TV was invented! Salisbury Streak anyone?
Les Paul Guitars were invented right in Mahwah!  Now that's cool.

Speaking of cool...the most IMPORTANT invention to me is AIR CONDITIONING!  It was invented by Haviland Carrier and patented in 1921…can you imagine not having this golden invention?!?! Bless this company!

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