Did you ever wonder how New Jersey compares to other states when it comes to the best states for women?

That is exactly the question WalletHub set out to answer by ranking the best states for women in 2019, and the results are in. The headline here is that the Garden State does pretty we  ll.

It turns out that when the study looked at things like 'economics and social well being', 'health and safety', and over 20 other key indicators, New Jersey ranked as the 11th best state in the nation, and even though we could do better, that's not bad.

When it came to 'economics and social well being', the Garden State ranked 17th, but we did much better in the 'women's health and safety' category, ranking 7th in the United States.

For the record the top states for women for 2019 (from 5 to 1) are New York. Washington D.C., North Dakota, Massachusetts and topping the list is Minnesota. Louisiana ranked worst in the study.

You can check out the entire study at WalletHub.

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